Store Policy

Turnaround time:
Please refer to the Flash Sale Friday Description for CURRENT Turnaround times. During our busy season(s) the Turnaround time can be up to FOUR weeks BEFORE they ship!

Southern Swells is a pre-order group, only.  We do not have shirts in stock.  Once you pay for your shirts, they are then ordered in bulk.  This is how we are able to offer our low prices. Standard Turnaround time for all orders is four weeks BEFORE they ship. This is listed more than once throughout the Southern Swells Facebook page and website.  Please understand this before purchasing.  If the turnaround time is ever less than three weeks, we will definitely let you know!

Why does it take up to four weeks before my order ships? 
Each shirt is made just for you. Once you place your order, a digital file is personalized with the name/initials that you entered at checkout. We try to offer seasonal designs well in advance so you are able to enjoy them for the entire season. Please be patient with us.

At this time we do not offer rush shipping. We ship first class with USPS.  Once your package leaves Southern Swells, we are no longer responsible for your items. It is the customers responsibility to contact USPS with any issues regarding your package.  This includes delays in delivery, damaged items, etc.  We all wish we could speed up the post office!

What happens if my order is returned to sender?
If your order is returned to Southern Swells for any reason, we will invoice you $5 for the new shipping label that has to be created to re-ship your package.  Please double check your shipping address BEFORE you check out.

What brand of shirts will I get from Flash Sale Friday?
We use four different brands of shirts. Due inventory challenges we have to use more than one supplier in order to have sufficient stock.  When you place your order for FSF, please understand that you may get two different brands of shirts/onesies.  Not because I want to switch it up on you, simply because one supplier had one of your sizes and another supplier had the other.  We are buying what is available to us and there is no way for us to know which supplier we will be using each week. I wish I could pick which brand I use for every FSF, but it is simply impossible. I cannot control what each supplier has in stock each week.

Why are my shirts different sizes?
Each brands’ sizing runs a little different and this, too, is out of my control.  You will find the sizing charts for each manufacturer on our website.  Southern Swells is not responsible for sizing errors.  Please be sure to check each manufacturers’ sizing chart before placing your order.  No two brands are the same.

Why are my shirts different shades of white?
Just like sizing is different for each manufacturer, so are their shades of white.  This means that you may receive two different shades of white within your order.  We use very high end blanks and the quality is top notch with all of our brands.

We always try to use 100% cotton shirts; however, due to stock, this may not always be possible.  If we are unable to get 100% cotton, you will receive a cotton/polyester blend.  The cotton/polyester shirts are a little softer and a little thinner; however, the quality is still amazing.  The print on a polyester/cotton blend shirt is also a little lighter than it is on the 100% cotton shirt.  Does that mean that the quality is less? Absolutely not! It just means the print comes out a little bit lighter due to the fabric.  Unless you put the two side by side, you would never see the difference.  The quality is still top notch, no matter which shirt you get. Southern Swells will not be issuing refunds due to size differences per brand or differences in fabrics.  We all have our favorite brands, but again, I have to order what is available to me.
Why are my girl shirt sleeves different?
Depending on what is in stock you may receive a ruffle sleeve, puff sleeve or flutter sleeve. I do not randomly pick each week, I get what is available to me.

Can I change my Flash Sale Friday order once it is placed?
No.  Due to the number of shirts printed each week and in order to keep our turnaround time at three weeks, we have to get our FSF list made and sent to our artist ASAP. For this reason we are not able to make order changes once you complete your purchase. This includes size changes, choosing the wrong design number, misspelling of names, entering the wrong initial order, etc.  Southern Swells will not issue refunds if you enter the above information incorrectly. PLEASE double check your order BEFORE you check out.

How do I enter my monogram for Flash Sale Friday?
Always enter the letters EXACTLY as you want them to appear on the shirt.  Please do not enter a full name in the personalization box, enter only 3 letters for the monogram. This will ensure that your initials are exported correctly to our list that is sent to our artist.  Please see “order of monograms” below if you aren’t sure what the standard monogram order is.

Order of Monograms:
For GIRL & BOY MONOGRAMS: Please enter 3 letters only. The order should be first, last, middle.

For GIRL & BOY STACKED initials: Please enter 3 letters only. The order should be first, middle, last.

Southern Swells will not be issuing refunds or remakes due to entering monogram information being entered incorrectly.  Please be sure to double check your order before submitting it.

If a full name is entered for a monogram only design - you will be refunded for that item(s).

Can I change a Flash Sale Friday design?
No.  I know some of you want a blonde haired ballerina instead of a brown haired ballerina or a blue tractor instead of a red tractor, etc.  As much as I would love to do this for each and every one of you, I cannot change the prints available on Flash Sale Friday. 

Can I change the FONT of a Flash Sale Friday design?
No. If you wish to purchase a boy design for a girl you may enter your child’s name in the personalization box: Chandler “girl font” and the artist will know to create your design with a girl font. The font chosen is 100% at the discretion of Southern Swells.
Can I order a past design on this weeks Flash Sale Friday?
Unfortunately, you cannot combine past and current FSF.  If there is a design you would like from a previous FSF, please message us and we will get you taken care of!

I received the wrong order or have a problem with my order, what do I do?
If you receive an incorrect order or a defected item, please message us on our Facebook page (not our group) and we will get the corrected items out ASAP!
If for some reason you are unhappy or have a problem with you order, please message us on our Facebook page.  At Southern Swells, we strive to make all of our wonderful customers happy.  Please show us courtesy and give us the opportunity to fix any mistakes.

Due to the custom nature of our items, we do not offer returns or exchanges, unless it is an error on the part of Southern Swells.
After 14 days of receiving your shirts, Southern Swells is not responsible for any rips, holes, tears, etc, that are due to manufacturer defect.
Please understand that these policies are in place to make sure that YOU get the best product and customer service possible from us here at Southern Swells. We are MOST grateful for every single one of you!