Turnaround time:
Southern Swells is a pre-order shop, only.  We do not have shirts in stock.  Once you pay for your shirts, they are then ordered in bulk.  This is how we are able to offer our low prices. Turnaround time for all orders is three weeks BEFORE they ship. This is listed more than once throughout the Southern Swells Facebook page and website.  Please understand this before purchasing.  If the turnaround time is ever less than three weeks, we will definitely let you know!
Why does it take three weeks before my order ships? 
Each shirt is made just for you.  Once you place your order, a digital file is personalized with the name/initials that you entered at checkout.  We try to offer seasonal designs well in advance so you are able to enjoy them for the entire season.  Please be patient with us.
At this time we do not offer rush shipping. We ship first class with USPS.  Once your package leaves Southern Swells, we are no longer responsible for your items. It is the customers responsibility to contact USPS with any issues regarding your package.  This includes delays in delivery, damaged items, etc.  We all wish we could speed up the post office